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Abell 85

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supernova remnant
Abell 85 (catalog)

Position (epoch J2000)[1]
Constellation Cassiopeia
Position Ra 23:58:53.5
Dec +62:30:28
DSS images

10' · 20' · 30' · 45' ·


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Apparent mag.
Central star mag.
Surface brightness
Size 30' x 2'
Position angle

List:Supernova remnants in Cassiopeia
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Abell 85 (CTB 1, SNR G116.9+00.1) is a supernova remnant in Cassiopeia. It is one of a few objects in Abell catalog that are not planetary nebulae.

How to find it[edit]


Abell 85 is a large, filamentary supernova remnant with shell-like structure similar to Cygnus Loop. Unlike the Cygnus Loop, the majority of CTB1's optical light emission is in the HII spectrum, with only a small component of OIII emission.[2]

This is extremely challenging object.

Reports of visual detection[edit]

There are many reports of unsuccesfull attempts to detect this object with apertures up to 20" and with fairly good conditions (LM up to 6.5). So far, the only positive report comes from the observation with Interstellarum 4 (20" telescope), and it's made under 7.0-mag skies (Ronald Stoyan, in the Alps).[3]